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The appearance of this book officially celebrated the 21st anniversary of Gothic Rock Black Book, the first book ever published about Goth.

This provides seven chapters: five on the main successes of the 80’s – All About Eve, The Cult, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission – and two historical, looking at the very start of Goth, and the smaller bands busy during that decade.

Without altering the original text I have increased the original page count of just 96 to 268, by including 311 photos from my archive, the majority of them previously unpublished.

These include Adam & The Ants, Alien Sex Fiend, Marc Almond, Anno Lucis, Anonymes, Anorexic Dread, Attrition, Ausgang, the Batcave, Bauhaus, Beast, Bible For Dogs, Bone Orchard, Carcrash International, Christian Death, Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, The Cravats, Creaming Jesus, The Dancing Did, Danielle Dax, Danse Society, David J with Jazz Butcher, Death Cult, Diskord Datkord, Dust Devils, Electric Dog Sex, 4 Came Home, Fields Of The Nephilim, Finish The Story, Flesh For Lulu, Furyo, Gunclub, Josi Without Colours, Junior Manson Slags, Lean Steel, Let’s Wreck Mother, Liasons Dangeureuses, Look Back In Anger, Martian Dance, Militia, The Mission, 1919, Pepperlip, Pink & Black, Pleasure & The Beast, Pork Helmets, Sex Gang, Sexbeat, Siiiii, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Skeletal Family, Specimen, Toyah, Tragic Venus, UK Decay, Ultravox!, Under 2 Flags, Very Things, Virgin Prunes, Xmal Deutschland, Zero Le Creche, Zor Gabor.

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